Sliding-head single spindle department

Machinery models

NO. 10 DECO 20/26 TORNOS from Ø3 to Ø32

Sliding-head lathes with bar capacity up to 32 mm. Machines are equipped with 10 physical axes and 2 C axes for a very high machining versatility. In addition, it is the only sliding-head machine with the possibility of having 4 tools in contact at the same time, in order to reduce the cycle times and to be competitive.

n°3 Tornos/Deco26 LNS Minisprint S2

n°1 Tornos/Deco20 Iemca Boss 338HD

n°2 Tornos/Deco20 Iemca Boss 432r

n°2 Tornos/Deco20 Iemca Boss 542r

n°1 Tornos/Deco26 Robobar /SBF532

n°1 Tornos/Deco20 Iemca MiniBoss325r

N°1 TORNOS EVODECO 32 from 3ø to 32ø

Fully satisfied with the Tornos Deco, Frigotech implemented the department with the latest Tornos machine, the EvoDeco. It is an evolution of the Deco20/26 with two electro-spindles that allow faster changeover and greater precision during machining. There is also a heat exchanger for greater precision of the electro-spindles. This machine is also equipped with 10 physical axes and 2 C axes like the previous machines.


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50 Machines.

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