Multi-spindles department

Machinery models

NO. 6 MS32G INDEX from Ø8 to Ø32

TCNC multi-spindle lathes with 6 spindles and 6 counter-spindles for the maximum efficiency in secondary operation, which is the weak point of multi-spindles. These machines allow us to increase efficiency in large numbers where a single spindle cannot.

With 18 slides available - 9 on the main drum and 9 on the secondary drum - this machine is able to machine extremely complicated parts at a very low cycle time. This machine is extremely versatile as it is 100% configurable, and each slide can be fitted with a motorised tool holder, polygonator, turning tool, drilling tool or anything else. The NC 840D is extremely flexible and it can be adapted to each production cycle.

The 12 spindles are all electro-spindles, equipped with a controlled C-axis, independent of each other that can be used for an infinite number of machining possibilities.


8-spindle CNC multi-spindle lathes with 1 pick-up for all less complex parts but where high productivity is required.

They are equipped with an internal polygon system, motorised tool holders and 2 independent C axes and they are able to provide high productivity and good machining versatility.

N°1 PLURIMANDRINO INDEX MS52G da 8 ø a 52-110 ø

50 Machines.<br> 50 Production plants.
50 Machines.
50 Production plants.

Our machinery allows us to satisfy almost all of our customers' requests.