High quality

efficient, evolved.

Frigotech has always paid attention to the quality of its products, through the design of advanced, eco-sustainable and efficient production processes, with high precision characteristics, and through efficient and effective control and testing processes.

Advanced technology
Advanced technology

Attention to the explicit and implicit requests of the market are the primary objectives of Frigotech, to guarantee high performance and continuous research of innovative solutions.

Highly qualified staff
Highly qualified staff

Frigotech Frigotech constantly invests in people and production, introducing advanced machinery and ensuring that its staff is constantly trained.


Frigotech's quality control strengths

Highly qualified trained team

A highly qualified trained team made up of a mix of experience, knowledge, flexibility, preparation and youthful enthusiasm able to talk directly with other corporate entities and the customer, for the definition of product and control specifications.

Data collection and analysis software

Simple and intuitive data collection and analysis software for fast and accurate monitoring of production and compliance with technical specifications.

Advanced machinery

A constantly evolving and updated machinery allows the checking of pieces with complicated geometries and tight tolerances with contact and optical measurements.

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Process surveillance

Surveillance that enables each step of the production process, from acceptance to final control.

Quality control

Frigotech can boast two Quality Control stations located within the production departments, as well as advanced types of machinery and measurement software

Contact coordinate measuring machines

Optical coordinate measuring machine

Optical contour for measuring axles


Rotondimeter for shape error analysis

Software for the management of the control plans, recording and statistical analysis, as well as the calculation of machine capacity (Cmk) and process capacity (Cpk)

Highest level of control and testing

The efforts of the Quality Control department are supported by machinery that is periodically enriched, providing its staff with increasingly precise and reliable instruments.

For Frigotech, checking and testing the processes is a fundamental element of the production process and, for this reason, it has always been the focus of particular attention. State-of-the-art control equipment and machinery and the great professionalism and experience of the staff aim to guarantee full compliance with the requirements of the processed products, promptly identifying any problems and taking appropriate corrective action.